Seaboard Marine

Billy Lopez

Intermodal Analyst

 -Miami, FL

"Working with Northstar Transport Services has been a real pleasure for our containers sailing and discharging at Penn Terminals. Timely pick up and deliveries along with customer service emails keeping us advised of any issues make it easy for me to communicate to Seaboard customers.  Our volume with Northstar has increased significantly since they began working with us.  Emails also replied to on a timely manner,  which makes thing much easier when advise our customers accordingly. They are a valuable partner."


Gary Fleischman 

Supply Chain Logistics Coordinator

 -Emeryville, CA

“We are a new customer and have been using Northstar for about 5 months, for drayage of both import and export 40’ refrigerated shipping containers.  We have found their service and reliability to be impeccable.  They are careful to check for container available dates, last free dates, temperatures, fueling of gensets, etc.  If they will be late for a delivery, they let us know.  If a driver will incur overtime or demurrage, they advise in advance and request approval.  They make sure to confirm such details in writing.  Their rates have been very fair.  They have become a valued logistics partner for our company.  We appreciate their service and highly recommend them.”


Frederik Schoenau

Manager | South Atlantic Region

 -Charolotte, NC

"Northstar is always delivering straight forward, timely and honest service. If you are looking to build a long term relationship Northstar is highly recommended. They are able to provide timely and genuine customer service and works with you to improve the value chain for all partners involved."

Pure Life Group LLC

Franco Delgado

Pure Life Group, LLC

"I am writing this email to kindly request to please continue to use 'NorthStar' as a trucking company for the delivery of our containers. This company is extremely easy to deal with, very efficient and responsible when it comes to schedule the delivery, complying with dates scheduled and been on time; people at this office are also very polite and respectful to say the least. Once again, we are kindly asking to request the logistic department that to the best of their possibilities allow us to continue to use this company for the delivery of our containers and not to assign our containers to any other company."