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Everything You Need to Know About Transport and Logistics

Worldwide delivery logistics, supply chains, and Northstar Transport

Now more than ever, the shipment and delivery of goods requires a worldwide supply chain backed by a strong logistics system. Transportation logistics is just a small portion of the overall supply chain. Though, every link in the supply chain depends on each other for maximum efficiency and timeliness. Here at Northstar Transportation Services, we understand the importance of a strong transportation system. That is why we provide the best intermodal drayage and over the road trucking. We realize that we play an integral role in the entirety of worldwide logistics and we promise the best service possible. To learn more about worldwide delivery logistics, supply chains, and Northstar Transport, read on!

The Difference between Transportation, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management

Transportation and logistics are integral parts of the overall supply chain. The difference between these two terms is their role in the supply chain. Transportation focuses on facilitating the movement of goods, while logistics includes warehouse management, inventory, etc. These two processes fall under the overarching umbrella term of the supply chain. The supply chain consists of all business processes to support raw materials sourcing, transport, manufacture, storage, inventory, scheduling, and more. The supply chain is a much wider lense of business operations related to handling and distribution.

Types of Distribution Logistics

Many processes go into efficient delivery of products to consumers. The three main parts of distribution logistics are order fulfillment, warehousing and transportation. Order fulfillment is supplying the consumer with their delivered product in the most efficient and timely manner. Warehouse management consists of finding a storage location with enough capacity for your inventory, as well as overseeing the inbound and outbound inventory, organization, and safety. Transportation management focuses on finding the most optimal route of moving goods and products. Finding the best mode of transportation will help cut costs and provide a more efficient delivery.

Different Transportation Methods

Forms of transportation include truck, boat, train, and plane. Intermodal transportation is when the product needs one or more forms of transportation to meet the final destination. Each method of transportation provides pros and cons. Trucking transportation has fewer restrictions, costs less than boat and air transport, is more accessible, and allows for many accommodation options and door to door shipment. Boat transportation allows for more space and weight, costs less than air transportation, and provides maximum safety of the shipment. Railway transport also allows for large carrying capacity, fixed schedule speeds, and minimizes environmental impact. Lastly, air transport allows for very quick speeds and enhanced safety measures.

Choosing the Best Logistics Transport Plan & Intermodal Transport

Choosing the best transport plan takes into consideration the scheduling, size, weight, destination, and budget measures for your products. For long duration trips worldwide, intermodal transport is the best choice. Intermodal transport allows for the seamless transition of transport methods through the use of standard size shipping containers. Therefore, the shipment does not have to be repacked or go through any additional labor. The shipment can be easily transferred from air, sea, truck, or railway.

Northstar’s High Quality Services

At Northstar Transport Services, we focus specifically on the transportation pipeline of the supply chain. Through narrowing our focus simply on transport, we are able to offer the best quality services in intermodal trucking. You can rely on our services to support the start or end of your product’s supply chain process. For more information on our services, visit our website:

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