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Benefits of Intermodal Trucking

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Intermodal trucking is the best choice to improve the efficiency of a supply chain. It is extremely important to have an efficient supply chain because the worldwide shipment of goods relies upon it. Due to the numerous advantages of intermodal transport, many companies have adopted the practice into their strategy. Intermodal transportation is a process that allows for shipment by plane, rail, road, and sea without repacking the container. Intermodal trucking is ultimately the first or last leg of the transportation process, making it an extremely important aspect. To learn more about the benefits of intermodal trucking, read on!

the benefits of intermodal trucking


Save Money

Intermodal transportation allows for lower handling costs, increased manageability, and increased flexibility. Through steadily transporting shipments across different elements in the same container, costs are able to be cut. There is no need to incur extra costs for repacking, trailers, new containers, and extra storage space.

One container gets passed seamlessly through each mode of transport without any repacking

One Container

Packing in one standard-sized container over air, train, sea, and road eliminates any extra hassle. One container gets passed seamlessly through each mode of transport without any repacking. This one container method provides a foolproof form of efficiency.

Multiple Transportation Options

The transportation of shipping containers in a standardized size allows for transportation across plane, train, boat, and truck. This is extremely convenient for overseas shipments and provides the most efficiency for an international supply chain.

Increased Safety of Shipment

Since the shipment is in one secure container that never gets repacked or handled, intermodal transport provides the most security and protection. The containers are securely locked and packaged to protect the goods inside. Nothing will be lost because the containers do not have to be repacked in between transportation modes. Intermodal transportation is a guaranteed safety of shipment.

International Advantages

The multitude of transportation systems in the intermodal system allows for ideal international transportation. Due to the ability to ship overseas to international ports, intermodal transportation is the best way to ship internationally. Once shipments are sent overseas by plane or boat, train and trucking gets shipments to their final destination.

Fixed Schedule

Transit times for intermodal transportation are extremely quick, especially for international shipments. In the past, international shipments would take an average of two weeks. Today with intermodal transportation, international shipments can be delivered in at least 8 days. This is because intermodal transport has less delays, no repacking, and no frequent stops.

Less Environmental Footprint

Intermodal transportation significantly reduced the carbon footprint of overseas shipments. One of the leading causes of pollution is overseas shipment of goods. Intermodal transport can move large amounts of product at once, using less fuel throughout the entire process.

Seamless Transportation Process

In all, intermodal transport seamlessly and securely gets goods from point A to point B. This process is essential to keep worldwide supply chains on time and up to scale. Intermodal transport provides the most worry free experience while shipping goods.


At Northstar Transport, we specialize in intermodal trucking Intermodal trucking is the most integral piece of the overall logistics process

At Northstar Transport, we specialize in intermodal trucking. Intermodal trucking is the most integral piece of the overall logistics process. Trucking is most often the beginning or ending point of the intermodal transportation process. When shipments arrive from overseas, it is loaded onto a truck and sent to its destination. At Northstar Transport, we have locations across the East Coast of the United States to deliver the best in supply chain transportation services. We have long-term relationships with major ports and know how to get the job done. For more information, visit Northstar Transportation.

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